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Auto Locksmith Dalkeith

Auto Locksmith Dalkeith

Eight miles to the southeast of Edinburgh, lies the town of Dalkeith, home of Auto Locksmith Dalkeith. In all matters related to lock and keys of your automobile, come to us, we will solve your problems in no time at all.

We will assist you when you have to Remove a broken key and make a new one. In instances when a key gets broken either in the lock or outside, we will assist in removing the bit left inside the lock and also cut you a new key. Should there be any damage to the lock during the removal of the broken piece of key, we will repair that too and have your lock and key mechanism working right again.

When your car keys are lost or misplaced, we are the people to come to for replacement key services. If you have a spare key, we will use it to cut a new one, but if you do not, we can open the lock and use it to make a new key for it. Whatever we need to do to get you a new key for your car lock, we are well equipped to do it efficiently.

For various reasons, you may be forced to replace a key for your car lock. Someone may have tampered with the lock and the key can no longer go in or won’t ignite the vehicle engine. Whatever the reason you have for needing to replace the keys for your car, we are here to cut the new ones for you.

If your car engine will not start when you turn the key in the ignition, there is a good probability that your car is using a transponder key, and it needs programming. Come to Auto Locksmith Dalkeith, and we shall do the Transponder Programming for your key. The engines of cars using transponder keys will not start if the programming is not done right and that is what we are here for.

We have the expertise to sort all issues that arise concerning car locking mechanisms including cutting new keys, repairing messed up locks, programming transponder keys and replacing Lost Keys or Broken Keys.

Our service centre at Auto Locksmith Dalkeith is open 24 hours each day of the week, and we are available both at our workshop and out in the field wherever you may be stuck. Contact our mobile service unit, and in less than an hour, a crew team will be with you to help solve your problems involving your car locks and keys.

The staff at Auto Locksmith Dalkeith is experienced and courteous in their dealings with customers. You will enjoy the attention that will be lavished on you during the time you are at our workshop or when they visit you at home or on the road. Anywhere, anytime, call us, and we will be there tools in hand and a smile on our faces.

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